A simple and fast software for differential file synchronization.

Echosync screenshot


  • Echosync is a software that can work in portable mode, therefore without prior installation. It can thus be copied to and run from the synchronization media itself (an external hard disk or USB key, for example).
  • Once the synchronization profiles have been created, all operations are performed from a single window, designed to be as user-friendly as possible.
  • Synchronization is unidirectional: the Source is not modified and can be read-only.


  • Echosync performs a differential synchronization to save the data. This makes it possible to reflect only the changes that have occurred since the last synchronization.
  • Echosync has an algorithm for detecting renamed and/or moved files, which avoids having to delete and then copy all these files to the Destination directory.


  • Echosync takes advantage of the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) allowing it to copy files that are locked for reading.
  • Echosync supports paths longer than 255 characters and symbolic links.


  • Synchronizations can be launched from the command line, allowing you to automate backups with the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • It is possible to perform partial synchronizations, for example, by copying only new items without copying modified items.

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