You want to backup your dataor synchronize your folders, welcome.

Echosync is a portable, fast and simple software which is using data differential backup, for file backup.

What are the key advantages of Echosync?

Echosync is a backup software, using data differential sync on a pair of directories

Echosync is targeting simplicity:

  • No installation required for Echosync. It may then be copied and ran from the very backup location (external HDD, USB key, etc.).
  • Once the backup set is created, all operations can be performed from a single intuitive and ergonomic window.
  • Synchronization is unidirectional: the source is not modified and can be read only.

Echosync is built to be fast:

  • Echosync is backing up data using differential synchronization. This allows to save time by only copying data that have been modified since the last backup.
  • Echosync is using a specific algorithm to determine which files have been moved and/or modified which saves time because files do not have to be deleted prior to be copied in the destination folder.

Echosync is built to be reliable:

  • Echosync is taking advantage of Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) which allows copying opended or locked files.
  • Echosync handles files with more than 255 characters and symbolic links.

Echosync is built to be versatile:

  • Synchronization can be started using command lines, which allows to automate backups using windows task scheduler (profiles can be passed as arguments, understanding that usual wildcard “*” characters are interpreted).
  • It is possible to perform partial synchronization by copying only new files and not modified files.

Echosync has been developed around four objectives: user friendliness, speed, versatility, reliability.

  • Create a new synchronisation profile.

    The creation of a new synchronisation profile.

    When the profile name is selected, only set the “source” and “destination” to create a synchronisation profile.

  • Comparison result.

    List of elements to synchronize, resulting from the comparison.

    It is possible to chose the type of modifications (new elements, missing, modified or moved) that will be used with the synchronization.

  • Result of a synchronisation.

    List of elements after synchronisation.

    Potential errors are displayed in the column “Status”.

  • Filter application to the list of elements that are to be synchronized.

    The application of filtering to the list of elements to synchronize.

    Very advanced filter functionalities can be applied.

How much does Echosync cost?

Echosync is entirely free. It doesn't have spyware, adware or any other malware. There are even no advertisement on this website. The author is bearing all development and publishing costs and is only supported by free donation that you are willing to give to encourage his work and development. Thank you in advance to all of those who have already contributed or are willing to do so.

A portable software

No installation is required for Echosync. It may then be copied and ran from the very backup location (external HDD, USB key, etc.).

Uncluttered and ergonomic interface

Once backup profiles have been created, all operations are achieved from a central window, designed to be ergonomic and functional.

Differential backup of data

Echosync is backing up data using differential synchronization. This means that only modified data that have been modified since the last backup set are copied.

A reliable software that also copies locked files

Echosync works also with paths and file names longer than 255 characters, copies symbolic links (not linked data) and locked files (in use by other software).

Detection of moved files

Echosync can detect moved or renamed files since the last backup. Thus, Echosync will be able to modify the destination path without suppressing the file then creating it.

Are you ready to backup your data or synchronize your folders?

Echosync is available in English, French, Italiano, Spanish, German and Russian, for Windows 7 or higher. The software can be used if you comply with the following license.